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The Safe Haven Team

Claire De Boer

Available for in-person and online appointments.

Claire brings a decade of experience to her counselling practice and specializes in helping people with anxiety, depression, grief and relationship issues. She works from an attachment lens, focusing first and foremost on a client’s relationship to themselves and exploring their core beliefs about who they are. Claire works with both individuals and couples.

Claire is currently accepting new clients.

Available for online appointments.

Offering services in English Punjabi and Hindi, Ikjyot practices therapy from a bicultural and humanistic perspective. She views relational issues through an attachment lens and has experience working with individuals going through relationship conflict, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. She is a trained couples therapist, and an advocate in helping people own their power and voice.

Ikjyot is currently accepting new clients.

Available for online appointments.

Melissa is passionate about assisting individuals in working toward the development of healthy relationships in every realm of their life: love, friendships, family, professional, and most importantly, with themselves. Addressing deep rooted self-narratives that hold individuals back is at the core of her practice.

Melissa is currently accepting new clients.

Available for online appointments.

As a social worker and relational psychotherapist Julie supports both individuals and couples from the belief that none of us are capable of healing in isolation. We need other people, and we need to feel connected to the people in our lives to really flourish. We are hurt in relationship, and we heal in relationship. Julie is trained in supporting both couples (polyamorous, monogamous, ENM) and individuals through life’s challenges. Her approach centers around helping individuals and couples to live their most authentic, connected and nourished lives.       

Julie is currently accepting new clients.

Available for in-person appointments.

Jennifer Morrison, B.A., M.Ed., R.C.C began her career as a helping professional in the social services sector of Vancouver, BC. From there, she worked across Canada and abroad in a variety of settings such as universities, prisons, shelters, and employment centres, gaining a deep appreciation for all her client’s life stories.

Jennifer is currently accepting new clients.